Ljubljana International Feldenkrais Training

A few days with us

You can enjoy our training even when you are not enrolled as a student.

A Free Day is your opporunity to get to know our Training Program, the Feldenkrais method, our international team and students.

During the first year of the training you can join us for any number of days, once of serveral times. Each such day is an excellent opporunity to enjoy the Feldenkrais method as presented by excellent international teachers. Price per day is 100 EUR.

Feldenkrais practitioners (teacher) and students of other training programs: you are welcome to join us all four years. You price price per day is 70 EUR, or 50 EUR for members of Društvo učiteljev metode Feldenkrais. You can join this association even if you are not from Slovenia.

If you are a student of another training and wish to make up the missing days, welcome, too.