Ljubljana International Feldenkrais Training

Concept of the Training


International Feldenkrais education in Ljubljana is a four-year education that leads you to the internationally recognized Feldenkrais teacher's diploma. You must attend the training in full.

From the professional point of view, the education is led by the Educational Director (AD) Christoph Habegger, and from the organizational point of view by the Administrative Director (AD) Janja Frank.

Each year consist of 40 learning days, divided into 3 segments of 10 or 20 learning days (with intermediate rest days). The training schedule is known for all four years in advance. Individual segments are led by experienced international trainers (teachers) and assisted by assitant trainers.

Educational process bases on personal experience, which means that you get to "feel" the material in you own body. After successfully completing the second year, you will be able to lead group lessons called ATM (Awareness Through Movement); at the end of the training you will be trained to give individual lessons (FI - Functional Integration). During the training you will receive at least 12 FI lessons yourself, as personal experience is more important than theory.

More Detailed

The Ljubljana Feldenkrais International Training will prepare you to become a competent, confident and professional Feldenkrais Practitioner. Being able to practice the method while at the same time understanding the principles and concepts that are underlying the method.

The learning content will be taught within a process-oriented structure of self-experience, learning of handling-skills and intellectual examination. Our international team of highly experienced trainers will create a rich creative variety of learning environments, allowing you to develop at your own pace, feel free to explore and to communicate. The teaching language will be English, the second working language will be Slovenian.

Our classes provide movement lessons, hands-on experience, small-group processes, discussions, practices, lectures and videos. You will learn to understand movement and awareness from an integrated physical, biological, social and phenomenological perspective. You will be encouraged to form study groups, attend local tutorial groups and assignments will be given between segments.

The training will address a wide variety of professionals with many different backgrounds. Whether you choose to pursue a career teaching the Feldenkrais Method or simply want to expand your horizons, this is an opportunity to become more of the person you always imagined yourself to be.

The Ljubljana Feldenkrais International Training is accredited and recognised by the ETAB (European Training Accreditation Board) and fulfils the international training program regulation requirements. Our graduates can become a member in any Feldenkrais association worldwide and have the full guarantee that their education and certificate is recognised anywhere in the world.